The Feathered Horse

Legacy Model - This is by far our biggest seller. Deep seat dressage saddle made with smooth leather. The sizes listed below are just the ones we currently have in stock and will be updated frequently. If you need another size, let us know and we will order one. The tree sizes run 3 (for petite friesian), 4 (for average friesian), 5 (for broader friesian) and on a rare occasion they will make a 6 (for a really stocky friesian). Seat sizes run small so if you usually ride in a 17, you will probably want a 17.5. Feel free to call or e-mail for a free information packet that will give you more details. The saddles come with stirrup irons, leathers, leather keepers, a girth, and a saddle cover.

LUX Model : This is for more of a round horse or a boroque friesian. The girth systems front strap is straight under the shoulder which will pull the saddle down more. Priced at $3,000.

Any of the saddles can be made in deerskin leather or buffalo. While the deerskin is more durable the buffalo leather is softer (almost suade feeling). Most of our saddles come in deerskin. 


SKU: 630
Price:  $ 2,800.00

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